Enabling Advanced Services Designer in vCAC 6.x

A quick and simple post that had me scratching my head for a little while.

The sometimes-elusive Advanced Services tab...

Can't see the "Advanced Services" tab in vCAC?

Two things need to happen:

1. Make CERTAIN that you are licensed for "Advanced" or "Enterprise" edition.

Standard Edition (Bundled in vCloud Suite Standard) will not allow for Advanced Services.

You need "Advanced" or "Enterprise" edition to use XaaS / ASD

2. Make sure your user has the correct privileges:

Here's how you enable it:

Navigate to "Administration", then "Groups":

Step One: Navigate to "Groups"

If you haven't already done so, create a new Group. I would call this Group "Service Architects".

Then, for this group, ensure the checkbox option "Service Architect" is checked:

Create a group that contains the user you are using, and give it the "Service Architect" role.

Save the group, log out, log in again, and you're D.O.N.E.

Hope it helps.