vCAC 6.0 canned demo

It's a common requirement for customers to want to see a portal function before they can wrap their heads around this powerful tool we know as vCloud Automation Center.

So, I decided to create my own cloud lab on VMware infrastructure and then set up a basic recording of a demo I would give to customers, in a more condensed fashion.

It's worth noting at this point that the hypervisor here is vSphere, the Cloud platform is OneCloud from VMware (running on vCloud Director) and the vApp for this particular version of vCAC was created by our hand-on lab specalists (

My recording was performed on my Mac, using the VMWare HorizonView Client to connect to my View Desktop in the VMware cloud, which in turn connected to the OneCloud infrastructure.

All of what you will see in this demo is effectively hosted in the cloud!

The demo I have recorded uses imagery and ideas courtesy of Omer Kushmaro ( who generously gave me the icons he used for his VMUG and let me use his layout idea.

Without more delay, take a look for yourself at my video:

vCAC 6