vRealize Automation Guest OS IDs (VMware.VirtualCenter.OperatingSystem)

I always find myself looking for these on VMware's SDK site when deploying vCAC at customers, so I decided to make them handy for easy use and hopefully searchable straight from the popular search engines too.

Be sure to add this property to your Property Groups for whatever OS you’re using: VMware.VirtualCenter.OperatingSystem, with the value from the table below.

O/S vCenter Value
CentOS 4/5 centosGuest
CentOS 4/5 (64-bit) centos64Guest
Debian GNU/Linux 7 debian7Guest
Debian GNU/Linux 7 (64 bit) debian7_64Guest
Fedora Linux fedoraGuest
Fedora Linux (64 bit) fedora64Guest
FreeBSD freebsdGuest
FreeBSD x64 freebsd64Guest
MS-DOS. dosGuest
OpenSUSE Linux opensuseGuest
OpenSUSE Linux (64 bit) opensuse64Guest
Other Linux genericLinuxGuest
Other Operating System otherGuest
Other Operating System (64 bit) (experimental) otherGuest64
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 rhel6Guest
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 (64 bit) rhel6_64Guest
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 rhel7Guest
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 (64 bit) rhel7_64Guest
Suse Linux suseGuest
Suse Linux (64 bit) suse64Guest
Suse linux Enterprise Server 12 sles12Guest
Suse Linux Enterprise Server 12 (64 bit) sles12_64Guest
Ubuntu Linux ubuntuGuest
Ubuntu Linux (64 bit) ubuntu64Guest
VMware ESX 4 vmkernelGuest
VMware ESX 5 vmkernel5Guest
Windows Hyper-V windowsHyperVGuest
Windows Small Business Server 2003 winNetBusinessGuest
Windows XP Home Edition winXPHomeGuest
Windows XP Professional winXPProGuest
Windows XP Professional Edition (64 bit) winXPPro64Guest
Windows Server 2003, Datacenter Edition winNetDatacenterGuest
Windows Server 2003, Datacenter Edition (64 bit) (experimental) winNetDatacenter64Guest
Windows Server 2003, Enterprise Edition winNetEnterpriseGuest
Windows Server 2003, Enterprise Edition (64 bit) winNetEnterprise64Guest
Windows Server 2003, Standard Edition winNetStandardGuest
Windows Server 2003, Standard Edition (64 bit) winNetStandard64Guest
Windows Server 2003, Web Edition winNetWebGuest
Windows Vista winVistaGuest
Windows Vista (64 bit) winVista64Guest
Windows Server 2008 (and R2) (64 bit) windows7Server64Guest
Windows 7 windows7Guest
Windows 7 (64 bit) windows7_64Guest
Windows 8 windows8Guest
Windows 8 (64 bit) windows8_64Guest
Windows 2012 (and R2) Server (64 bit) windows8Server64Guest
Windows 2016 Server (64 bit) windows9Server64Guest

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