VMware vCloud Automation Center

So, vCloud Automation Center is a buzz in the industry, and people want to know what it does, right?
We hear often, in the marketplace, that there is a lot competition to the product, but in honesty, there really isn't.

I'll be posting more information on extending this product, integrating with AppD, vCO and the like, and where things are going etc.

Put simply, it allows for automation, lifecycle management of Infrastructure, provided as a service (IaaS), and now, provides a portal that provides XaaS. 

The backend is delivered via integrations with vCenter Orchestrator (awesome tool, btw) and vFabric Application Director for more complex platform-as-a-service deliveries (PaaS).

Furthermore, Application Director integrates with Puppet Labs to deliver a very powerful level of automation when provisioning Platforms.